About Us


Alert! is a community event that runs every month for gay men who prefer their clubbing with a bit more sleaze. It forms a central part of the leather, rubber and skinhead communities in the City  and is run mostly by volunteers and people who what fetish in Manchester to thrive. With music provided by Lawerence Clarke, Jim Dusty, Pete Simpson, Brett Denning and Sam Porter our resigent DJ’s, and a range of guest DJs through the year, Alert! provides a safe, inclusive environment with plenty of dark spaces for you to explore your perversions.

We operate a membership scheme to ensure that only like-minded people get through the door, so you can be sure of a non-judgemental, friendly atmosphere in a great venue!

Our attendees don’t just come from the local area; we attract people from Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham and London as well as regular visitors from Ireland and the rest of Europe.

We give you a great opportunity to give your latest fetish gear an airing in a welcoming, social atmosphere full of horny men and the promise of a fantastic night.

We have a staffed cloakroom and a bar at every event.


We started out in the iconic Legends nightclub on Whitworth Street where we remained until December 2012. As Legends was sadly demolished in 2013 to make way for a new hotel, we moved in January that year to Alter Ego on Princess Street where we continued to provide great music, quiet areas for chat, dark corners to really get to know each other and a great atmosphere. Then in October 2016 we moved again to Bangkok Bar, just a few blocks further up Princess Street, where we could take advantage of a fully refurbished  cellar complex providing a maze of play spaces, custom built for the Manchester fetish community. In July 2016 the lease of the venue changed hands and we were told that we no longer fit with the business model there going forward so for the time being we are heading back to Alter Ego. We were given little notice and no time to find alternative accommodation but will continue to scour the local spaces to ensure we are in the best possible venue for Alert! That is not an easy task – we have to find somewhere that is within easy distance of the Village, where not only the leaseholder but also the landlord of the building is happy to host us, where the price isn’t she hight that we have to increase the door charge and where the necessary facilities, sound and lights are available. We may consider taking on our own building so if anyone hears of anywhere suitable, please let us know.


We usually follow the pattern of the 1st Saturday of every month, we do sometimes have to change dates. The most common time being at Christmas, where the holidays sometimes need a bit of alternative thinking. We always give plenty of notice of any changes.

We open our doors at 11pm, although many people congregate at The Eagle and other bars on Canal Street prior to coming in to Alert! We close around 4pm on the Sunday morning.

Occasionally we run larger parties in addition to the main club nights and designed to attract a slightly different crowd. Events such as Alert! Retro (which aims to capture some of the glory days of clubbing from the 80s and 90s) and Alert! LITE (our relaxed dress code taster event), take place periodically.


Anyone with a fetish interest; army/military, rubber, skinhead, scallies, leather, CP, S&M, Masters and slaves, puppies and owners… We cater for most fetishes. We also work with many other gay organisations in the city including the Manchester Skinhead Weekend, LGF, Manchester Rubbermen as well as having a special relationship with the RoB shop and Basement Sauna.


We run a strict dress code, but we aim for this to be broad enough to cover a range of tastes and pockets! In general terms the dress code covers skinhead gear, leather, rubber, scally, sports kit, work-wear, military/uniform and Boots’ n’ Jock. We do turn people away who are not in dress code, regardless of their excuse, but it is fine to arrive in your ‘civvies’ as we have ample changing space and a staffed cloakroom for the safe storage of your street-wear. All we ask is that you make an effort and wear something appropriate to our event – after all, we ARE a fetish club! The full dress code is available here.

If an event does not have a specific dress code we tend to ask that if you have fetish gear you wear it but won’t turn you away if you don’t have anything.  Typically the non-dress code events are:
Alert! LITE
Alert! Retro
Red Alert!
Alert! Brief Encounter

We have a staffed cloakroom at all events.


Because Manchester, with the gay Village and places like Canal Street, remains the focus of the gay fetish scene in the North West and has a history of supporting such activities going back many years. We recognise that many gay men have an interest in the fetish scene, but don’t want to travel to London to find a club where they can feel comfortable wearing fetish gear. Some people are new to the scene and want to find out what it is all about, but they don’t want to invest in expensive kit, or are nervous of travelling to the big London clubs. We also want to maintain Manchester’s tradition of supporting people on the fringes of mainstream gay life and encourage people to explore their fetishes in a safe, welcoming environment where you can all have fun. As it has grown, Alert! has become a central part of the fetish community where you can meet old friends and make new ones. Also, on a personal level, we run Alert! as the type of night WE would like to go to ourselves.