Because we are a fetish event and want to ensure that everyone who attends makes an effort to wear something appropriate we maintain a dress code. If you are unsure whether what you are planning is appropriate please email us at mail@club-alert.com and we will be happy to advise. We do allow mixing of styles. At very least we ask that you make an effort and understand that street casual clothing is not appropriate for Alert!

We understand that not everyone is comforta1ble arriving at the club in their fetish gear and it is fine to change when you get here, however, we may ask you to show us that you have something appropriate to change into. We have ample changing facilities and a staffed cloakroom for you to store your street clothes.

We appreciate that sometimes it may not be possible to follow the letter of this code but at least you should make an effort to follow the spirit of the code and we are happy to discuss variations with you before you come, so as to avoid disappointment and the frustration of being asked to leave.  This is a fetish night for guys into fetish gear and if what you plan to wear would not look out of place for a shopping trip to Tesco then it is probably not really fetish enough.

Frequently Asked Questions