General Questions

Where is Alert! held?

Until the end of December 2013, our home was Legends 4-6 Whitworth Street Manchester M1 3QW. But in January 2013 we moved to a new home at Alter Ego, 105-107 Princess Street, Manchester M1 6DD. This move was brought about because the Legends complex was sold to developers and has been demolished to make way for a new hotel. Then in October 2016, we moved again to Bangkok Bar, just a few blocks further up Princess Street, where we could take advantage of a fully refurbished cellar complex providing a maze of play spaces, custom built for the Manchester fetish community. Bangkok Bar was taken over by new management in June 2016 and rebranded as HML (Hollywood, Manhattan & Legends), however, we were told that Alert! there was safe. However, the HML team deserted the building just four weeks and in July 2016 the lease of the venue changed hands and we were told that we no longer fit with the business model there going forward so, for the time being, we are heading back to Alter Ego. We were given little notice and no time to find alternative accommodation but will continue to scour the local spaces to ensure we are in the best possible venue for Alert! That is not an easy task – we have to find somewhere that is within easy distance of the Village, where not only the leaseholder but also the landlord of the building is happy to host us, where the price isn’t so high that we have to increase the door charge and where the necessary facilities, sound and lights are available. We may consider taking on our own building so if anyone hears of anywhere suitable, please let us know.

Then in August 2017, we were told that Alter Ego was to change hands and that the direction the new owner wanted to take the venue had no room for any of the regular fetish events that had been held there previously. We were told that November 2017 would be our last Alert! at Alter Ego and plans to try to find an alternative space were ramped up and remain our top priority. However, then just before we opened on November 4th 2017, the owner of Alter Ego (now named Night People) had a change of heart and has asked us to stay indefinitely.

When is the next Alert!?

Saturday December 2nd 2017 – Including the Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy 2018 Competition Final 10pm-3am
Saturday January 3rd 2018 – Alert! LITE 10pm-3am
Saturday February 3rd 2018 – Manchester Gay Skinhead Weekend Special
Saturday March 3rd 2018 – Alert! 10pm-3am
Further dates for 2018 will be announced shortly.
Please check back regularly.
(Dates may be subject to change)

There is a list of the next few nights available on the Home page of this site and you can see the suggested themes of forthcoming events on our Events page.  Themes are always just suggestions and if it is a ‘rubber’ night there will still be plenty of guys in leather or skin gear. Similarly, when we have a night supporting the Manchester Gay Skinheads, we will have guys there in all the different fetishes. The main Alert! Club night happens on the first Saturday of every month, the only exception being at Christmas when sometimes we have to break this pattern to accommodate the way the holidays fall or when we run extra events to coincide with pride etc.

Do you have changing facilities and a cloakroom?

Yes, we have ample space for you to change from your ‘street-wear’ into your fetish gear. As you enter the club, we might ask you if you have something to change into – please don’t be offended at this, we are only trying to make sure that everyone adheres to the dress code. There is a fully-staffed cloakroom where you can leave your belongings. There is a charge of £1.50 for a bag/coat but you can return to the cloakroom to retrieve items and then put your bag back in without further charge.

Can you recommend any local hotels to stop at when I come to Alert!?

This matter very much depends upon your specific requirements, luxury, cost, location etc. There are many hotels in the city centre, but we advise you to book early if you want to stay at busy times such as bank holidays as the hotels fill up quickly.

Where do people go after Alert!?

We suggest The Eagle on Bloom Street or Company Bar which are open until late and are popular post-Alert! venues.

Do you have an area for smokers?

Yes, there is a sectioned-off area outside the venue where smoking is permitted. You may need to have your wrist stamped or be given a paper wristband.