• Leather trousers/breeches/chaps/shorts
  • Leather shirt/jacket
  • Leather dungarees
  • Muir cap
  • Leather waistcoat
  • Leather hood/mask
  • Leather harness
  • Leather chaps (may be worn over blue jeans)
  • Collar and chain, wrist and ankle restraints
  • Black leather boots
  • Leather kilt/gladiator kilt

We know there is a wide range of leather, some of which is not on this list and that will most likely be fine as long as we can recognise that you are going for the leather look. A leather wrist wallet or a leather fashion jacket are not really enough to qualify. Please remember that this is a fetish event and fashion leather is unlikely to be seen as acceptable.

Not Acceptable

  • Leather harnesses must be worn with appropriate trousers (ie leather, rubber, bikers trousers)
  • Blue jeans are not allowed unless worn under chaps