Why do you have a membership policy?

Because Alert! is an adult fetish night we need to ensure that all the attendees recognise the nature of the event and are bound by our Terms and Conditions. Asking you to become a member allows us to ensure that you have been made aware of these Terms and that you are suitably disposed towards the fetish community. Membership also helps us prevent ‘undesirable’ people wandering in off the street.

Can I apply for membership on the night?

If you are an infrequent visitor to Alert! you can purchase a temporary membership for a single event, on the night, for £2. You will, however, need to comply with the dress code and follow the Terms and Conditions that apply to all our visitors. Temporary membership does not entitle you to the discounts and privileges of full membership, as detailed in our Membership Offers section. You can buy a full membership card online (here) or at the Manchester RoB shop,  or Sanctuary on Sackville (near Canal Street). We may have a limited number of membership cards available on the night at the venue but we cannot always guarantee this.

I just paid for membership online but I am concerned that my card may not arrive before the next Alert! Will you still let me in?

Cards are no longer posted out unless you contact us (mail@club-alert.com) to ask us to do so. There may be a charge for this. Normally we would expect to have the cards ready for collection at the next event. Yes, providing you bring your PayPal receipt as proof that you have bought a membership card. Your PayPal receipt can also be used as proof of membership if you lose your card or want to buy something from the RoB shop before you have collected the membership card from the venue.

Is there a yearly renewal?

No, you only pay once for the card.

What if I lose or damage my card?

You will need to buy a new one (online here) or from the RoB Shop). Because we charge so little for the membership cards, and do not have an annual renewal policy we are unable to provide replacement cards at a reduced price.

I have forgotten my card will I get the membership benefits?

We always advise that you should ensure you have your card available at event entry, or show it if you are claiming any of our Membership Offers (eg at the RoB Manchester). If you have lost or forgotten your card, you can purchase a temporary membership on a per-event basis, as we have no way of checking your details in the club. We will however also take a printout of your PayPal receipt as proof of membership so make sure you keep a copy! The RoB shop in Manchester will also take PayPal receipts as proof of membership if you want to claim your discount in the shop.

Does having a card guarantee entry?

No, having a membership card will not guarantee entry to any event. You must still abide by the dress code detailed here.

My friends do not have a membership card will they still get in?

Guests must buy temporary membership for a single event for £2.00 (or £1.00 for events just in The Cellar)
Please note: All guests must still abide by the Terms and Conditions and dress code.