Pride 2017

Manchester Pride isn’t too far away and Early Bird Tickets are available online HERE and at every Alert! event between now and 25th August.

 Tickets are also available from Manworx (which was the RoB Shop)
We are going to do it a little differently this year in that HALF of the capacity will be ticketed and half will remain available as pay-on-the-door. We think that is a fair way of doing things and strikes a balance between those of you who like the security of knowing you have a guaranteed space and those of you who prefer the flexibility of not having to commit. So the first batch of Early Bird Tickets are available now.
As ever, our door is outside the Village cordon so you do not need a Manchester Pride wristband to attend and we will open doors an hour early (at 9pm) so you get more night, more fun and more Pride!