• Rubber t-shirts, vests etc
  • Rubber trousers/chaps/shorts/jocks
  • Rubber track suit/jogging bottoms
  • Rubber waistcoat
  • Rubber one-piece suit (full body, surfer, swim)
  • Full rubber dry suit (divers)
  • Rubber dungarees
  • Rubber apron (eg butchers style)
  • Rubber cape
    Rubber harness
  • Rubber hood/mask
  • Waders
  • Collar and chain, wrist and ankle restraints
  • Rubber kilt/gladiator kilt
  • Nasty Pig chaps/trousers/shirt
  • Rubber nappy/diaper
  • Superhero motifs on rubber suits are fine.

We know there is a huge range of rubber gear out there, some of which will have been missed off this list – generally we ask that you make an effort – we don’t count a rubber wrist band or a rubber jock worn under something as making an effort. You can mix and match rubber with other areas of the dress code, for example, we will allow rubber vests in combination with skinhead trousers or military combat camos.

Not Acceptable

  • Rubber tops worn with jeans/casual trousers of any colour