• Traditional skin look
  • Boots (black or cherry leather) such as DMs, Rangers
  • Braces
  • Fred Perry/Ben Sherman/Lonsdale-type t-shirt/shirt
  • Stonewashed jeans or bleachers – we will allow blue jeans but please ensure they accompany other items in this list
  • Combats and a Fred Perry top – Military issue combats only
  • Bleached denim jackets are fine with this look
  • Merc/MA1/Alpha jacket

We will allow rubber vests to be worn in combination with bleachers – you don’t have to wear everything – for example, braces may be omitted but please try to look like a skinhead.

You DO NOT have to shave your head!

Not Acceptable

  • Trainers
  • Standard plain deep blue denim unless very clearly part of the skin look
  • Fashion combats of any kind
  • If you are not recognisably going for the skinhead look we may assume you are in street clothes and ask you to leave!