No G in Alert!

As a very few people appear to have started to bring G/GHB/GBL into Alert! I feel I need to remind everyone that this is absolutely against our rules and those of the venue.
My primary concern is always the wellbeing of Alert! customers and I never want to have to send someone to hospital because they are ill, or worse.
So, we will now start conducting random bag searches and increasing patrols inside the venue. Anyone found bringing G into the club or seen using it, will be banned for life.
We can only do so much though and I need to ask you all to be vigilant and report anyone you see taking G to one of the team. It isn’t telling tales, it is potentially saving lives, and certainly helping us save the club. I am sure that the vast majority of you do not want our night to be jeopardised because of the stupidity of a few idiots. And be in no doubt that the night IS in jeopardy because I would rather stop running it than have someone’s death on my conscience. Neither am I prepared to risk Night People’s licence.
So please be patient if you have to queue for a little longer coming in, and be understanding if we ask to check your bag. And please help me put a stop to this now so that Alert! can remain a safe event for everyone.
We have also found a number of syringes as we have been cleaning up. These appear to have been from Cavaject (which is of course a perfectly legal prescription medication). If you need to use it then please dispose of the needle sensibly. The UndergrounD Shop has a sharps bin and will take needles from you with no questions asked.