MRM 2018 FAQ

Are you coming to the Alert! MRM special on April 21st? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions:

I don’t have a ticket for MRM can I still buy one?

  • Weekend ticket sales have closed
  • However, you do not need a ticket to attend the Alert! event. We have deliberately left some capacity available for people who want to pay on the door. We have about 20% capacity reserved for non-ticket holders but be advised that these will sell out quickly and then we will have to operate a one-out-one-in system for non-wristband holders.

What time do doors open?

  • We open at 10pm through and will stay open for as long as you are still drinking at the bar.

If I have a MRM wristband can I attend the event at the Eagle too?

  • Yes, wristband holders can move freely between the two events/venues, provided they have capacity

If I attend Alert! and it is full, what do I do?

  • If you are a wristband holder, there will be space at one or other of the two venues, Eagle or Night People (ex- Alter Ego), so, if one is full, we suggest you visit the other and then swap around later in the night.
  • If you don’t have a wristband and want to pay on the door, if we are full you will need to wait for someone to leave before we can let you in.

Can I pay on the door?

  • Yes, we have allowed some space for people who want to pay on the door, about 20% of the total peak capacity. However, these will sell out quickly so we advise you to either arrive early or come later when some people will have drifted away and we can let you in. The Eagle, Rem and many of the other bars are going to be packed with rubber guys too so go have a pint or two there and come on to Alert! later.
  • We know from previous years that some people (lightweights!) will leave around midnight and we will then have space for another wave of rubbery goodness. We want to get everyone into the club who wants to come, but inevitably with a night that is going to fill the club to capacity, there will have to be some queueing and a policy of one-in-one-out.  We will do our best so please be patient!

Do I have to wear rubber?

  • No, but we’d love it if you did, to show your support for MRM. Our full dress code will be available.

Do you have a cloakroom?

  • Yes, but it is limited in size so if you can avoid bringing a bag it would help us enormously and save you from needing to queue. We know you hate queueing and so if you can share bags with a friend, or better still come out in gear and leave the bag at home/in your hotel that will be one fewer queue and you will have more time to enjoy the night.

What items are banned from the club?

  • We do not allow bottles of liquid, knives, weapons, knuckle-dusters or drugs of any nature.  You CAN bring in lube (if it is obviously lube and not anything else) and unopened bottles of poppers. We have to ban clear liquids though so please don’t bring them. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding G/GHB/GBL and anyone found using or supplying it will be removed.

Will there be a shop?

  • Yes, UndergrounD will be running a small pop-up shop so you’ll still be able to buy poppers, lube and smaller items

Where is Alert! held?

  • We are at Night People (the same venue as last year, but with a new name) you can find a map here
  • The address is:

Night People
105-107 Princess St,
United Kingdom
M1 6DD

Where can I find out more about Alert!?

My question isn’t answered here, what can I do?

  • You are very welcome to email your questions to us here
  • We will try to answer emails quickly but please be advised that on the day of the event, we will be very busy so it is better to ask your questions sooner rather than later.