Happy New Year

Events for 2018

New Opening Times

No G in Alert!

Manchester Gay Skinheads Weekend and our 13th Birthday

Happy New Year

Everyone from the Alert! Team hopes you had an amazing time over the Christmas holiday and wishes you a happy, healthy and horny New Year. 2018 is already shaping up to be a lot of fun. Our January Alert! LITE was well-attended and it was great to see some new faces who we hope will come back to our main club events.

Events for 2018

Our next event is going to be quite special as it is both our 13th birthday AND coincides with the Manchester Gay Skinheads Weekend. (See below)

Just the other day we had a meeting to progress the planning for the Alert! part of the Manchester Rubbermen Weekend in April. They are up to MRM9 now!

Even more exciting though is that we have now confirmed dates right through to Pride. I know that you appreciate advanced notice so that you can book hotels and arrange your travel as early as possible. The following dates are now confirmed:

Day Opening Time Date Note
Saturday 22:30 Feb-03
Saturday 22:30 Mar-03
Saturday 22:30 Apr-07 Alert! LITE
Saturday 22:00 Apr-21 MRM9
Saturday 22:30 May-05
Saturday 22:30 Jun-02
Saturday 22:30 Jul-07
Saturday 22:20 Aug-04 Alert! LITE
Friday 21:00 Aug-24 Pride

New Opening Times

You will notice from the table above that our opening times have changed. For the majority of events we will now open at 22:30, the exceptions being MRM Weekend when we will open at 22:00 and Pride Weekend when we will open at 21:00, to give people who don’t want to pay into the Village an opportunity to join us earlier for welcome drinks.

The changed opening times are to allow the venue to run other events before Alert! and give us time to set-up ready for you.  There is a lot of work that goes into putting an Alert! event on and we will be pushed for time as Chris wants to be able to book events in on the evenings before us. This is great as it helps him make maximum use of the venue and we feel that a half-hour delay in opening is going to make little difference. We do though have the option of staying open longer too but if you want us to do that we need you to support us by staying until the end.  I can’t argue for a later close if everyone has left by 2:30!

No G in Alert!

In the last couple of months we have seen an increase in people suspected of using “G” at Alert! G, or GHB/GBL can cause unconsciousness, suppresses the central nervous system and in some cases can cause death. Because the dosages are unpredictable and work on different people in different ways the drug is extremely dangerous. This month we had to send someone to hospital for taking something that made him very unwell. That has to be the last time this happens. We cannot afford to get a reputation as an event that ends us with its customers comatose or worse. We cannot condone any drug use at Alert! but more importantly, we don’t want to have to send you to hospital with all the inconvenience and explaining that involves and we really don’t want any of you to end up dead because of an unpredictable dose of G. Luckily the person who was taken ill at this month’s event was fine a few hours later but this could easily have gone a different way. I don’t want to have to start searching people as they come in to Alert! so please, behave responsibly and don’t bring G to the club.

We have also found a number of syringes as we have been cleaning up. These appear to have been from Cavaject (which is of course a perfectly legal prescription medication). If you need to use it then please dispose of the needle sensibly. The UndergrounD Shop has a sharps bin and will take needles from you with no questions asked.

Manchester Gay Skinheads Weekend and our 13th Birthday

Our February event is a massive joint celebration as it marks our 13th birthday and we are also hosting the major event as part of Manchester Gay Skinhead Weekend.

The MGS Social takes place on the Friday and then we will be joined by the Skinheads for the Saturday.

The skinhead movement started back in the 1960s, was generally non-political and drew elements from mod fashion and black music and black fashion. It was in fact born as a protest against the racism faced by immigrant workers from Jamaica. It was certainly not intended as a racist, anti-religious political movement. In the 1970s, the movement was diverted and became subverted by neo-Nazi, white-supremacists, leading to Margaret Thatcher’s government banning skinhead music from the shops, from the raidio and all media coverage. Today the movement has further evolved, moving away from the political, racist, right-wing values, towards the original values.

We have welcomed skinheads at Alert! from the very beginning so we are happy to share our birthday event with the MGS group and indeed skinheads from around the country. With it being our birthday you can bet that there will be cake! So what’s on offer over the skinhead weekend?

(Taken from the MGS Website:)

Well make the effort for starters! Get yer boots n braces out and get yer best kit out!

Friday Night:
We will be doing a visit to Company Bar, Rem Bar and The Eagle from 9pm. All meet at The Rem for 9pm for meets and greets. Then if you want to move on to other venues.

Saturday Day:
Free time to recover, or visit a museum or two. The Manchester Science Museum is the best one and will kill a few hours. Go shopping… get pissed…. Snooze….. Get kitted up for the evening. If anyone wants to meet up during the day we can arrange this earlier. We are in talks to use dungeon space for private play a sex party. More on this as I get more information.

Saturday Night:
We will be joining the blokes at Alert! in a joint celebration because it is Alert!’s 13th birthday too. Alert is always packed with the fittest, filthiest guys around and has a play area, dancefloor, large bar and great atmosphere.

Fuck off home or hang around with your mates!

Further information about the MGS Weekend, including where to stay and how to get here can be found at manchestergayskins.com

New-look website

Welcome to our new website which has undergone a complete overhaul with the aim of providing you with more information about Alert! than ever. We also have a load more photos added in the Gallery section. In fact, we have added a ton of extra photos throughout the site.

We also sent the Alert! elves off ferreting out some old CDs of Alert! mixes from over the past 14 years and we have added quite a few of them to our Downloads page. You can play the tracks from within your browser or download each album to listen to and keep.

We have a new Events section where we will aim to publish events at least three months in advance as we know you guys have busy lives and need to plan.

Our online shop has had a complete re-design aimed at making it sleeker, easier to use, clearer and much more up-to-date.

We hope you like the changes and improvements we have made and as always welcome your feedback, especially if there is something you think can be improved further or just plain won’t work for you. We can’t test every possible mobile device but we are pretty confident the site works with a broad range of phones, tablets and full browsers. You can contact us via [email protected]